Introducing IPOS: Your Business’s New Best Friend

Published Aug 28, 2023

As a business owner, tracking your goods or services can be challenging. From low stock reminders to invoicing and receipting customers for purchases, to name a few, it can be quite overwhelming running a business. However, things can be easier with a good inventory and bookkeeping app.

What is IPOS, and How Does It Work?

IPOS by Smartware is a retail business solution equipped with tools such as point of sale (POS), inventory management, sales analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM), which enable  SMEs and Large-scale businesses to run their businesses seamlessly.

IPOS is a super helper for businesses. As a business owner, IPOS helps you keep track of all the things you sell (like toys, clothes, etc) and makes it easier to sell them to customers.

By connecting all the important aspects of your business—from the things you sell and the number of items you have available to how much you’ve earned—IPOS simplifies your operations and enhances your efficiency.

What Can You Do with IPOS?

With IPOS, your businesses can perform a wide range of tasks to enhance their operations, such as:

Goods & Service Tracking: Monitor stock levels, receive alerts for low stock, and track product movement. With IPOS, you know when you are running low on a particular product and when to get more.

Point of Sale: IPOS Point of Sale handles different methods of payment. Whether the customer uses cash, a credit card, or even a digital payment method, IPOS makes sure the payment is done safely and smoothly.

Sometimes, as a business owner, you want to make your customers happy by giving them a lower price. The IPOS Point of Sale makes it easy to do that. If there’s a discount or a special offer, IPOS will take care of reducing the price, just like applying a coupon.

Sales Reporting: It helps you keep an eye on what’s happening in your business over time. It can tell if a lot of people are buying toys one week but maybe more clothes the next.

The Sales report also knows what customers like to buy. For example, if many people buy red toys or big shirts, it remembers that. This helps you know what people enjoy getting from the store.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): It keeps track of what each customer has bought before. It’s like having a shopping diary that shows what they picked out from the store.

So, IPOS is like being a friendly helper who knows all about your customers and helps you make them happy. It keeps all the important details, so you can give your customers a great shopping experience.

Purchase & Supplier Management: Keep track of suppliers, orders, and incoming inventory.

Multi-Store Support: Manage inventory and sales across multiple stores or branches.

Who Can Use IPOS?

IPOS is like a helpful friend that works well with all sorts of businesses. It’s great for stores like boutiques. It’s also suitable for small or medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

And you know what’s even cooler? Big shops with many branches, like Ebeano, Shoprite, or Justrite, can also use IPOS. So, whether you have just one shop or many, IPOS is here to make things better for you.

How Many Users Can Be On IPOS?

In a big business setup, there can be three types of users on IPOS: Basic User, Manager User, and Admin User. Let’s explain what each means:

Admin User: This is like the boss of the store or place. They’re the owner and have control over everything and they decide how many users to add to IPOS.

Manager User: Think of this person as someone who takes care of the store. They manage things and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Basic User: They are the cashiers or the friendly faces at the front desk who help customers.

A store can have more than one cashier or manager, but the business owner (that’s the Admin) decides how many users they want to add.

To sum it up, in a big business, there are three main types of users: the boss (Admin), the manager, and the front-desk helpers (Basic Users). For smaller businesses, there’s usually just one person managing everything.

Benefits of Using IPOS

Using IPOS offers several benefits, including:

Efficient Operations: Helps streamline inventory management and sales processes, reducing manual work.

Improved Accuracy: Minimize errors and discrepancies in stock counts and sales records.

Enhanced Customer Service: Serve customers better with quick and accurate sales transactions.

Data-Driven Insights: Gain valuable insights from sales reports to make informed business decisions.

Cost Savings: Prevent overstocks and stockouts.

Time Savings: Automate tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Features Of IPOS

Stock alerts: Monitor stock levels and receive notifications for when you are running low on a particular product, and also track products’ life cycles.

Item grouping: Item grouping acts like arranging similar items on the same shelf. It’s like sorting toys into different categories based on their type. This way, you can quickly find and manage things. IPOS makes keeping your inventory organized.

Detailed reporting: It helps you know what’s selling well by highlighting the most and least profitable items. This helps you make smarter choices.

Seamless Data Import: Switching to IPOS is stress-free! You can transfer your existing data effortlessly from another system into IPOS.

Easy In-App Invoicing: With IPOS, you can create invoices right from the app, making transactions smooth and professional.

Profit and loss reports: IPOS helps you understand your money better. You can look at reports that show how much you’re making and spending. These reports help you figure out if your business is doing well or needs some changes. With IPOS, you can be a money expert!

-Sales Processing: Efficiently process transactions, apply discounts and manage payments.

Multi-Location Support: Manage inventory and sales across different branches or locations.

-Sales Processing: Efficiently process transactions, apply discounts and manage payments.

Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports on sales, inventory, and customer purchase history.

How Can I sign up on IPOS?

Signing up for IPOS typically involves these simple steps:

Large Businesses: Visit the IPOS website and sign up to begin your journey towards enhanced business management.

Small Business Owners: Download the IPOS App from the App Store or Google Play Store and follow simple steps to sign up.


IPOS is a smart helper for businesses that makes selling things and keeping track of stuff easy and less stressful.

It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, IPOS can make things simpler. Sign up or get the app today and experience the benefits of IPOS for yourself.

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