A Technological Leap: Walure Capital’s Gift to Community Primary School, Shanghai, Magodo

Published Oct 24, 2023

In the heart of Shangisha, Magodo, the Community Primary School established in 1995, has been a beacon of hope and education for the local community.

Recently, a generous gesture from Walure Capital, facilitated by the Magodo Valley View Zone, brought a wave of excitement and enthusiasm to the school.

Let’s delve into this heartwarming story of corporate benevolence, community support, and the promising future it promises for the young students of Community Primary School.  

A Gift That Transforms

Walure Capital, a technology company, decided to give back to society in a truly remarkable way. They donated a state-of-the-art tech lab to Community Primary School, Shangisha, Magodo.

This transformative gift has the potential to empower students with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital age.

The Magodo Valley View Zone, not to be outdone, pledged to further enhance the tech lab’s environment by donating two air-conditioning units.

This commitment ensures that the students will have a comfortable and conducive space for their tech endeavors.  

During the formal opening of the tech lab, Mr. Adeleye Samuel, the CEO of Walure Capital, expressed his commitment to making a difference in society.

He promised that this was just the beginning of more significant strides to come. His words ignited hope and excitement in the hearts of the students.  

Mr Obafemi Okubanjo, the General Manager of Walure Capital, introduced the company’s management team and staff, emphasizing the importance of technology in education.

He encouraged the students to dream big and set their sights on becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, or Bill Gates. He firmly believed that with dedication to their studies, they could achieve greatness.  

The Community’s Pledge of Support

Representatives from the Magodo Valley View Zone, led by Mrs.Oluyemisi Shittu, The Chairman of Magodo Valley View Zone, and other community leaders spoke to the pupils about the importance of education in achieving their dreams.  

They highlighted the community’s dedication to the school’s development and their willingness to mobilize corporate organizations for further support.  

The head teacher at the Community Primary School expressed heartfelt gratitude to Walure Capital and the Magodo Valley View Zone community for their incredible generosity.

She offered prayers for the growth and success of both entities and urged the students to seize the opportunity to learn and achieve greatness.  

The event concluded on a high note, with the Walure Capital team capturing the moment with photos alongside the excited students and representatives from the Magodo Valley View Zone community. It was a day that will forever be etched in the memories of Community Primary School, Shangisha, Magodo.


The partnership between Walure Capital and the Magodo Valley View Zone community has opened doors of opportunity and technological advancement for Community Primary Schools.

With the newly-equipped tech lab, air-conditioning units on the way, and the unwavering support of the community, these young minds are poised to reach new heights.

The future is bright for the students of Community Primary School, Shangisha, Magodo, thanks to the kindness and vision of those who believe in their potential.

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