Walure Capital’s Experience at TechCabal and SwitchCon 2023

Published Nov 06, 2023


Staying on top of tech trends is key! It’s about sparking fresh ideas and connecting with industry movers and shakers. Walure Capital recently rocked two major events: Moonshot by TechCabal and SwitchCon 2023. Let’s dive into our experiences at these tech gatherings!

Tech cabal and Moon sot

TechCabal Tech Conference 

At Moonshot by TechCabal (October 11-12 2023), Walure Capital wasn’t just there to showcase products (IPOS, Media/Billboard, Academy, and a collaborative workspace preview). We were there to build connections and understand attendees needs. Booth visitors even got to experience our products directly, scanning barcodes on mockups to access the IPOS app and register for courses.

SwitchCon 2023: Walure Capital as the Special Media Partner

Walure Capital took center stage as the special media partner at SwitchCon 2024 on October 14th! This tech conference brought together enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and innovations. As a media partner, Walure Capital provided comprehensive coverage, capturing the day’s discussions and activities. We brought the virtual audience right into the event through live streams on YouTube and Instagram.

But that’s not all! Our General Manager, Mr. Obafemi Okubanjo, wasn’t just there to document the event – he was a keynote speaker! He shared his personal tech journey and introduced the Walure Capital product suite, showcasing us as more than a company – a human story with a passion for tech.


Walure Capital made a splash at two major tech gatherings this year: Moonshot by TechCabal and SwitchCon 2024! We weren’t just there to mingle – we showcased our cutting-edge products, connected with fellow tech enthusiasts, and left a lasting impression.

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